Strategic Business Development

What is "W."

W.  is a strategic business development and investment company. 

We focus on helping Executives, Entrepreneurs, Investors and 

community organizations grow & build successful relationships. 

W. recognizes leaders and business-owners are still trying to figure out what are the success tools that are needed and how to take advantage of them.

W. accelerate leaders and business performance by developing internal programs and processes that improve overall alignment with the leaders' goals, strategies and positive reputation.

In short:  W. is the C-Suite company who provides business solutions, coaching, training and advisory overview for small to large enterprises.

The strategic formulation and planning process consists of the AIDE methodology: 

Assessment ~ Current position

Identification ~ Desired position

Determination ~ Gaps and Issues 

Execute ~  Strategic logistics and resolutions 

I am impressed with your attitude, work ethic, adaptability, vision and confidence...

Randy Sydnor of Sydnor & Associates

Thanks for all your hard work. 

You guys are great!

Tom Pergola of Tom Pergola Management