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Chief Strategist Featured in Spokeo's Compass Magazine

Posted by wheeler.company on February 9, 2019 at 11:45 PM

Wheeler.Company's Executive Strategist, Aaron B. Wheeler was featured in the Spokeo's Compass Magazine.

Click here to read the article ~ https://www.spokeo.com/compass/people-of-pasadena-aaron-wheeler

W. Launches GOODStart, Equity Crowd Investing to Promote Job Creation

Posted by wheeler.company on July 7, 2016 at 1:00 PM

W. Launches GOODStart, Equity Crowd Investing to Promote Job Creation

Pasadena, California, USA -  W. (Wheeler.Company), launches its new division, GOODStart, ECI. An initiative to help finance, develop and promote the creation of start-ups to help stimulate job creation.

GOODStart, ECI (www.GOODStart.biz) will provide a unique range of training and support options for companies throughout the entire start-up lifecycle, giving entrepreneurs a greater chance to an early-stage companies' success. Creating a support system for start-ups from the funding through the sales stages of development. In addition to equity crowdfunding, companies will have access to a library of suggested training courses and entrepreneur advisors in their business expertise to help educate members and potential investors.

Based upon the new SEC Regulation Crowdfunding rules and Title III Jobs Act , qualified issuers can raise up to $1 million per year to fund their ventures. At the same time, average Americans can now make small investments in promising non-public companies.

Under the GOODStart, Equity Crowd Investing by W's model, each investment project will be vetted, sponsored, and led by professional investment advisors. The advisors will be responsible for working directly with the investee companies seeking to raise up to $1M per year.

GOODStart ensures clear and transparent communications with potential investors who are interested in making small investments for minority ownership in promising new companies. As part of the program, W. (wheeler.company) will take a small equity stake in the projects that successfully raise funding.

"We are excited to bring innovation, opportunities, and value for investors, start-ups, and the consumer crowd. Help stimulate the job market and do all-around GOOD for the national community at large.” said Aaron B. Wheeler, the Principal Investment Advisor, and Chief Strategic Consultant of W. (wheeler dot company) “We are confident we will make GOOD changes, which will reach out to the global community. Our mission is to be ‘GOOD Stewards’.”


About GOODStart, ECI (Equity Crowd Investing):

GOODStart, ECI is status as a crowdsourced VC club division of W. GOODStart is regulated as an Investment Advisor, an Independent contractor of Wefunder Advisors LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wefunder Inc (a Y Combinator alumnus). ~ www.GOODStart.biz


About W. :

W. is a strategic business development and investment consulting company focused on helping investors and businesses grow. W. is the C-Suite team looking to provide business solutions and training for small to large enterprises. ~ www.wheeler.company