Investments & Business Solutions


Investments & Business Solutions

What is "W."

W.  is a strategic  business development  and investment company focused on helping investors and businesses grow. 

W. recognizes innovators and businesses are still trying to figure out what tools are needed. How to begin to taking advantage of them.

W. drives and accelerate business performance by developing internal programs and processes that improve overall alignment with investors and business goals, strategies and positive reputation.

In short:  W. is the C-Suite Team looking to provide business solutions and training for small to large enterprises. You can call us The Executive Mercenaries: Executive Team for Hire! 

The strategy formulation and planning process consists of the AIDE methodology: 

Assessment ~ Current position

Identification ~ Desired position

Determination ~ Gaps and Issues 

Execute ~  Strategic logistics and resolutions 

W. can include any of the C-Suite Team services:


Chief Corporate Officer Services

  • Business Strategy & Communications Consulting

  • Business Incorporation Formation & Filing Services

  • Business & Executive Coaching
  • Social Media Consultation and Management 

  • Presentation Performance Training

  • Print Communication Development & Digital Outreach 

  • Brand & Identity Design 

Chief Operations Officer Services

  • Administrative Logistics Development

  • Comprehensive project tracking and audit

  • Human Resources Services

  • Motivational programs and leadership training

  • Commercial Real Estate Advisement

  • Ethics and Management Training

  • Corporate Legal Filings


Chief Investment Officer Services

  • Financial Budgeting 
  • Scout Companies
  • Vet Companies
  • Valuations

Chief Technology Officer Services

  • IT Consultation

  • Domain and Web Hosting

  • Domain Acquisitions

  • Website & Mobile Apps Development

  •  Digital Brokerage Services