Investments & Business Solutions


Investments & Business Solutions

We believe “Good Fruit on the vine are sweeter in bunches.” Our mission is "Be GOOD Stewards".

GOODStart, ECI by W. advises innovators, startups and businesses looking for a new start with strategies to access and accelerate growth capital through the general public. We will position you and your company to attract potential accredited and non-accredited investors through Direct Public Offerings (DPO): Regulaion CF, Regulation A+ (mini-IPO), Regulation D 506 (b) and (c) of the JOBS Act. 

Entrepreneurs and Innovators:

GOODStart, ECI by W. will expose you to willing investors and crowdfunding enthusiasts. Having access to over 70,000 investors and developed relationships with other experts in the private equity market. We will provide assistance in marketing and promotional campaigns to reach your target investors. We offer businesses and innovators, business solutions, advisory services in corporate strategy, expert brand marketing and other business development assistance.  Orchestrating invested relationships between entrepreneurs and investors, in exchange for an equity share in their company.  Being a seed fund accelerator, our goal is to invest in your idea and bring it into the marketplace. 

What We Do:

  • Scout and Vet Companies
  • Fraud Check
  • Review Disclosures
  • Educate the Investment community
  • 1-on-1 Mentoring and Advisory support
  • Compose Campaigns
  • Invest

What We Don’t Do:

We do not offer investment advice to investors.

What is the JOBS Act?

SEC's JOBS Act is an amended to Securities Exchange Act of 1934.  

JOBS Act, Title III approval makes it possible for non-accredited investors to invest and participate online in startup businesses and private firms. 

This will allow for larger groups of people to invest smaller amounts of money. 

The JOBS Act is opening a road of possibilities for non-accredited investors and startup looking to be funded by their fans and clients. 

Think of it as "Kickstarter" for Stock.  This is known as: Private Equity Crowdfunding

DPO - Title III & Reg. A+ vs. IPO

Direct Public Offering "DPO"

Initial public offerings "IPO"

GOODStart, ECI is a division of W.

GOODStart, ECI is regulated as Investment Advisors and crowdsourced VC.